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Online group classes and private lessons are available online, too! Choose a group or private spot or even a combination of the two. Would you like to host an online event or party? Book a private class of 15 or 30 minutes and invite friends. More details below.


Purchase  a 28-day online subscription at any time, starting at $50 per family, per screen. Your subscription includes:

  • One sing-along each week for 4 weeks on Tuesday or Saturday at 10am, maximum 8 families per class.

  • Weekly video uploads of the music we are singing together that week, complete with music, actions, and lyrics.

  • Music and activities that are tailored to the ages of the children enrolled in each class. 

  • Optional add-ons of 1 or 4 short private classes (15min each) per month



   Tuesday, March 2: 6 places left

   Saturday, March 6: 7 places left

   Tuesday, March 9: 7 places left

   Saturday, March 13: 7 places left


(option for in-person classes in the studio not available due to current Covid-19 measures)

Book a private sing-along or instrumental/voice lesson! Or, create your own a group class by inviting friends! The cost is:

  • $15 for 15 minutes for one child or family (1 computer/tablet)

  • $30 for 30 minutes for one child or family (1 computer/tablet)

  • Add $5 for each extra family participating in a 15 minute lesson or event, and $10 for each extra family in a 30 minute one

  • How late can you book a private lesson or a group sing-along this way? Right up until 12 hours before. Book before bed and make music together the next morning!

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