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  • Do you offer trial classes?
    No, WeeJam does not. Since the rates are so low, as little as half the price of other children's classes, I ask that if you are unsure that you want to commit to a 5- or 10-class pass that you purchase a single pass and try it out. Thank you for your understanding :-)
  • What is the difference between WeeJam and other music lessons?
    WeeJam is more than a sing-along. Children learn to share, cooperate, follow instuctions. They learn to strum a guitar, play multiple percussion instruments, and begin to read and perform music first based on colour-coded systems. From there, they gradually transition into reading music.
  • How much do classes cost?
    Classes are sold in a "pay-as-you-go" format, and sold in passes. One class costs $14, a book of 5 classes costs $60 ($12 each), and a book of 10 classes costs $100 ($10 each).
  • Can more than one parent attend?
    Yes! The new, spacious studio is complete. Yes, you may bring grandma if she's in town, your partner if he/she has a day off of work, your friends if they're visiting from overseas, and yes...all of this happens here regularly!
  • Where is WeeJam located?
    WeeJam classes are taught in Heather's home music studio at 9 Woodridge Crescent, Beaconsfield, QC, H9W 4G8 For more information, please visit Heather teaches music at preschools and community centres on their premises, as well.
  • Can I change diapers? Can we work on potty training?
    Yes and yes! There is plenty of room to change diapers comfortably, and I only ask you bring them home with you for disposal as you would in many other locations. Bring your own potty. Of course! The bathroom is very large and there's room for 8 potties: one for each child!
  • What are classes are offered and what do you do?
    WeeJam Parent & Child Class Sessions are limited to 6 children with 1 participating parent at a time for an intimate, personalized learning experience. We sing, move, and play. Some classes place children with others of the same age: 0-12 months; 12-24 months; 0-24 months; 2 and 3 years; and 4+. There are also several classes of mixed-ages ranging from 0-5 years so that siblings/friends of various ages can participate together. Curriculum is based on participant aptitudes and abilities in terms of fine- and gross-motor skills, social skills, musical ability, and other developmental milestones. Children use shakers, drums, mallet instrument like tone bells, sensory scarves and ribbons, boomwhackers, claves, castinets, triangles, rhythms sticks, and other small percussion instruments. Routine, sharing, clean-up, and other social skills are built upon.
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