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About Heather

WeeJam can come to your daycare or preschool for a one-time class, or even facilitate a weekly or biweekly program! Do you have favourite songs or teaching requests? Does your program have a "theme of the month" or specific educational approach? Heather can compose and original song, create a single class, or even plan an entire curriculum suited to your pedagogical requests and needs. You don't even need to have your own instruments: rhythm sticks, tone bells, boomwhackers, ukuleles, xylophones, drums, and shakers and brought right to you, along with any other play materials you request, like a parachute, toy animals, and rhythm scarves!

WeeJam is delighted to have had the opportunity to work with children and educators at some incredible preschools and daycares, including:

Beaurepaire Nursary School
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