Joining WeeJam with your child is as as easy as 1, 2, 3, and flexible, letting you drop-in when you're free, instead of getting locked-into a set session of classes!
Step 1: Class Schedule. See the class schedule and decide when you want to come. Mix-and-match any days and times that work that work for you!
Step 2: Plans & Pricing. Buy a package of 1 class, 5 classes, or 10 classes. A purchase of 1 class can be used anytime within 1 month, 5 classes within 3 months, and 10 classes within 5 months.
Step 3: Book Classes. Book classes as far ahead as you wish (max 8 children per class), and and late as 3 hours before the start of any class. No room in that class? Add yourself to the waitlist from the mobile app: you will be contacted by email if a spot opens and you have 30 minutes to confirm your spot before it's offered to the next parent on the list. Sick? You have an appointment your forgot about? Don't sweat it!   Cancel any class up until 24 hours before without penalty!
Want to know more? Click on each box to find out more about how WeeJam is structured and why... and most importantly, why it's great for young children:
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