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WeeJam launched it's first Parent & Child Group Music class in 2017, and expanded into offering all-inclusive, customized daycare and preschool music, and then Heather started recording and releasing her own music from the program as "Heather Feather". Read what other parents think, and click the images below to find out more WeeJam's approach, atmosphere, and what makes it special and unique, including the program's six guiding principles: FUN, enriching, educational, child-centred, inclusive, and customized. Any questions? Please contact Heather and read a little more about her here!

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Children Playing Bongo Drums
Wooden maracas on a yellow background
close up of a wooden xylophone
a pile of boomwhackers
close up of a guitar


Studio: 9 Woodridge Cres, Beaconsfield, H9W 4G8

Amiel Early

Learning Centre

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Solomon Schechter

Magic Circle


Magic Circle Preschool lol

Pierrefonds Community

Project Preschool

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Shadow on Concrete Wall
Shadow on Concrete Wall

Lauren, Mother of two

Heather's passion and enthusiasm for music make her classes captivating. My children loved the range of instruments and silly songs that she shared with us at Wee Jam, especially when they got to try out some movement with them. Heather's energy shines through in her online classes to make a fun experience for those small and tall.

Parents of Catherine, age 3

"We have been fortunate to experience WeeJam both in-person, indoors, and online, for almost two years. We discovered Heather through CPPG playgroup. We realized early on that our daughter was musically inclined. She naturally picks up rhythms, and loves music, dance and instruments. Heather's sessions foster that. Our daughter can be shy, but you would not know that, seeing her during WeeJam sessions. Both in-person and online, she interacts, stays engaged and is getting better at listening and looking for instructions, thanks to WeeJam. Having lost playgroups and socials during the pandemic, I am truly grateful to Heather for moving things online.

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