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Heather has been teaching for over 25 years and ADORES children,  finding great fulfillment in facilitating their joy in making music. She believes that making music should, first and foremost, be FUN! She knows from experience that when people create music together, it create something larger than the sum of its parts. As a mother, community volunteer, and teacher, Heather brings her brand of fun, educational community music-making learning experience to babies, toddlers, and preschoolers to promote pro-social bonds within and between families and to nurture children as they become lifelong intrinsically-motivated and cooperative learners.

As a performer, Heather Feather has recently released her first solo album, Songs for Growing. Comprised of twelve songs for children age 0-10 years, this album will have the whole family dancing and singing along. As a composer and teacher, Heather writes songs that encourage physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development in children of all ages. Additionally, each song is instructive: there is pedagogical material, or a lesson of some sort, in every tune...and the lessons and meanings in each song are understood at different levels as children grow and develop.

Live shot of Heather at her Songs for Growing album release

Her fondest musical memories are some of her earliest: singing and with her parents from a very young age. Music has always been a big part of her life. She didn't like solo instruments (or solos) very much: for her, the best part of making music was the enrichment and pure enjoyment that came from making music with others with her family at home, and throughout her childhood performing in choirs, orchestras, jazz bands, and wind ensembles.

Heather being silly with various animals on her head

She was educated at Memorial University of Newfoundland (BMus in Music Theory and Composition), Bowling Green State University (MM studies in Music Theory) and McGill University (PhD in Music Theory), and taught at Bowling Green State and McGill.

Heather as a child playing music with her father

Heather additionally enjoys teaching at all educational levels, including pre-school, elementary, and high school. She is an active composer and arranger, As a performer, she has held positions as a professional chorister and orchestral musician. She is also a published author, and her research has additionally been presented at national and international conferences of the Society of Music Theory, the International Association for the Study of Popular Music, and the European Music Analysis Conference/Jarheskongress der Gesellschaft für Musiktheorie.

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